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Autistic Minds offers a variety of volunteer work placements and paid job opportunities for autistic adults via our enterprises.

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"Working here has changed my view of life, before I started working here I had no money management skills but since starting here I have learnt how to budget my money to make it last longer and go further. Another problem I faced was that I applied for loads and loads of jobs and wasn't getting anywhere. I then did the Autistic Minds employment course and came in to sign up to be a volunteer and ended up having a job interview. Getting this job at first was a bit daunting because I didn't know if the workers knew anything about autism but they surprisingly do. it's a learning curve for each of us to understand how an autistic person works because each autistic person is different."

"I've had a diagnosis of autism and adhd from the age of 9. School life was a struggle, but work life was even harder. I struggled to get work as no one would take a chance with me. I was seen as a liability if I chose not to disclose my disability and when found out later on, I was often picked on until sacked or needed to leave.
However, working with people who are more understanding I feel I can be myself, and have some freedom of opinion where I've always been overlooked. It's nice to feel included for a change...I've never met anyone like me or in a similar situation to me as it wasn't as openly talked about when I was diagnosed but to be able to share my experience and advice people, I feel like I can help someone avoid my hardship."

We are here to help.

Wherever you are in your autism journey, we're here to support you. Call us for advice, guidance, or just a friendly chat with someone who understands.

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