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Can travel unlock work and employment opportunities – Part 1

In 2023, Autistic Minds collaborated with Revealing Reality to study the ways in which travel obstacles may impact employment and career prospects for individuals with autism. Why? When compared to […]

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The Rhys Vlog : Transitioning Part 1

In this episode, Rhys talks about the first stage of his life transitions. This is part of a 5 part series

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In todays Autistic Minds UK Vlog, Rhys Jenkins talks about his own experiences of Volunteering and his role within Autistic Minds

The Rhys Vlog : Experiences of Volunteering

In this vlog Rhys Jenkins talks about his own experiences of Volunteering and his role within Autistic Minds

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Autistic burnout

Autistic Burnout

In this blog, we discuss Autistic Burnout, what it is, how it occurs, why autistic people are more likely to be affected and how to remedy it.

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In this blog, we talk about volunteering over the festive period, discuss how being a volunteer can benefit you and popular volunteer roles

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Autism and Work Experience

In this blog, Maxwell talks about his experiences in the workplace, what work means to him and his colleagues and Autism in the workplace

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How can I help someone with a hidden disability?

In this blog, we discuss hidden disability, what they are, examples of them and how we can help a person deal with them.

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What is the Autism Employment Gap?

In this Blog, we discuss the Autism Employment Gap, what it is, how we got here and what can be done to bridge it and make finding employment fairer.

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The Shape of Words

What if words had form and shape? Read how autistic jewellery designer and maker Lydia Niziblian took her sensory responses to Welsh words she learned during lockdown, and translated them into stunning pieces in her latest project, The Shape of Words.

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Can autistic people work?

Mark Palmer discusses what employment might look like for autistic adults and explains how In return for a few relatively minor adjustments to the workplace, autistic adults can can bring huge benefits for their employer.

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