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The Autistic Minds Virtual Support Groups are a safe space for autistic (or people who identify as autistic) individuals to get together to share ideas and plan and take part in activities.  They help to alleviate a sense of isolation, improve communication and are an opportunity to create a support network and possibly develop friendships.

Our Virtual Support Groups take place weekly and are currently running online due to Covid 19 restrictions. Please see the Caerphilly Community Hub page for details on groups running for the Caerphilly autistic and autism community.

The groups have been developed to suit the needs of the individuals in each group in very diverse ways.  One group has been running for over two years and is still as dynamic as it was when it started.  The subjects covered in conversation range from the latest computer games to world peace and everything in between!

Here is a list of some of the things we have planned within these groups. We hope to get back to in-person groups as soon as Covid restrictions allow:

  • An ‘old school’ Dungeons &Dragons game once a fortnight
  • Board games
  • Craft sessions
  • Visits
  • Environmental projects

Many of the discussions are on autism, how it affects individuals and shared experiences.  We have also supported each other through difficult times and helped people when going through their diagnosis or benefits claims. Many sessions are just a catch-up and chat.  We have also had training sessions on first aid and talks on subjects such as relationships.

The groups are a place for personal development and growth in a supportive and friendly environment.

For more details on our support groups please call our HelpHub on 01443 844764 or email [email protected].

We are here to help.

Wherever you are in your autism journey, we're here to support you. Call us for advice, guidance, or just a friendly chat with someone who understands.

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