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Autism or Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) is a lifelong condition that affects how someone thinks and feels and how they experience and communicate with the world around them.

Autism is a “spectrum” condition, which means that autistic individuals will have a wide range skills, strengths, abilities and difficulties.

For some, being autistic means they have a focus and drive in a particular area and can think creatively, seeing patterns and new ways of doing things that many others don’t. For others, it can mean that they have to spend an incredible amount of energy just to “fit in” in society. For others still, it can have a significant effect on their day-to-day life and they may find many every-day experiences and interactions incredibly challenging and distressing.

Whilst everyone is unique, to receive a diagnosis every autistic person will demonstrate several, but not necessarily all, of the following behaviours to varying degrees:

Difficulties with social communication and interaction which may include:

  • Difficulties with conversational ‘back-and-forth’
  • Difficulties with facial expressions, body movement and posture, gestures, eye contact, touch, and use of voice
  • Difficulties developing relationships with others

Restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests, or activities such as:

  • Repetitive speech and movements
  • A need for routine and strong dislike of change
  • A deep focus and need for favoured topics and interests
  • Different reactions to sensory input

To compound the difficulties that many experience, it is thought that upwards of 80% of people will have one or more additional conditions diagnosed alongside autism. This wide range of conditions can include anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, learning difficulties, epilepsy, OCD and ADHD.

 With all of these difficulties, day-to-day life can be challenging and overwhelming for some. And that is why Autistic Minds are dedicated to helping and supporting the autistic community, their families as well as their professional support networks.

For support and guidance or just to talk to someone who understands, call us on 01443 844764, email [email protected] or use our contact form.

How we can help

From a friendly voice on the phone, to art groups, employment programmes, training and live annual events. Read more about our support and services.

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Call the HelpHub

Over 60% of our team are autistic and this lived experience is crucial to the supportive nature of our HelpHub. Call us on 01443 844764.

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Caerphilly Community Hub

Our community hub at 4A Market Street, Caerphilly provides autistic adults and their support networks with information, guidance and a range of local services and groups.

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We are here to help.

Wherever you are in your autism journey, we're here to support you. Call us for advice, guidance, or just a friendly chat with someone who understands.

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