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For many autistic adults, entering employment can be a daunting prospect.

Schools and colleges do not always equip their students with the job-seeking, securing and retaining skills that they often require and this is particularly true for many autistic learners whom may find it more difficult to pick up some of the ‘softer’ skills needed.

Now in its 5th year of operation, the Autistic Minds 8-week Employment Programme has supported over 350 autistic adults in South Wales to improve their skills and understanding of autism and the workplace.

Working in close partnership with the Department for Work and Pension (DWP) and local Job Centres across south Wales, the team at Autistic Minds run courses that enable those neurodiverse individuals seeking work, an opportunity to better understand the world of employment and more importantly better understand themselves. We also work closely with job coaches by providing advice and training to help identify individuals that may benefit from the course, but may not have a formal diagnosis. The personal outcomes for those attend the course are often life-changing and reach far beyond employment prospects.

The course is designed specifically with autistic and neurodiverse attendees in mind and aims to get those on the programme closer to meaningful employment.

We also help attendees in:

  • Gaining a better understanding of themselves, their skills, strengths, qualities, and needs.
  • Help in planning and mapping their future employment options and routes
  • Feedback to help build and develop their CV to aid in the search for preferred employment
  • To develop a better understanding of reasonable adjustments in the workplace.
  • To experience a simulated interview from an active employer

The Employment Programme is currently run online using video calling software. With small groups, no larger than 10, the supportive and nurturing environment allows for customisation of the content based on attendee interest and experiences.

Each attendee is able to engage as much as they are comfortable in doing and our course leaders ensure that each person is made comfortable.

"I found the course very helpful, especially about CVs and how to be in a workplace. I also learned that I am not the only one who is struggling and I'm not on my own. This course also taught me how to prepare for job interviews and this I found very helpful. Since the course, I have a volunteer job in my local animal charity shop which I am enjoying very much, so I am so glad I took part in this course."

Connor Murrell

"This course was really helpful especially with the cv help and interviews experience and what to do in an interview. As a result of this help I was able to gain my first job working for Greggs. It also helped me to gain confidence and see that even though I am going through the diagnostic process that I am not on my own with the way I am feeling and the problems I am facing."


"I found this course enjoyable and enlightening. Our group organiser had a great sense of humour and would listen to our recommendations to further engage us. The course itself was good and I would recommend it to other people."


"The process has helped me not to be so nervous when it comes to having an interview. I also enjoyed learning how to improve my CV and the mock interview to help with further interviews."

"It gave me the ability to see that I can convey myself confidently in a setting that I really despise. This course has taught me a lot about myself, and in the areas I need to work on."

"The workbooks will be a valuable resource for me going forward. I plan on making full use of them from now on, not just as a recap but to help me reflect on how I can become a better prospective employee. Ben has been a fantastic trainer, well-spoken, eloquent and has great explanations. I felt that I learnt a lot while listening to him, I also felt at ease if I had a question to ask, and the answers I got were helpful and informative. The most enjoyable part of the course was being able to meet people, who are in a similar situation to me and hear what they have to say, which can give me insight and some perspective into my situation."

"I found the course very helpful and would recommend it to anybody who has time to complete the course. It's helped me with my development and more and will stay helpful from now on and through the future."

For more information about our employment programmes, call us on 01443 844764 or email [email protected]

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