Autistic Minds LIVE Cardiff 2023 Seminars

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Nadine Honeybone: Welcome to Autistic Minds LIVE Cardiff 2023!

Jacob Stewart-Brown: (Still) Growing Up Autistic

Lianne Upton: Me, the mental health system and misdiagnosis

Neurodiverse Challenges in Publishing, Music & Fashion

DNA – Dan & Alex’s Quest for Friendship, Careers and Routine. Tips & tricks to stay on target in life

Helen Davies: Understanding Neurodiversity

Joe James: The Autistic Photographer

Rob Parton – Autism Speaker

EVAN SMITH – Ultra Runner: Life Through My Eyes

Jake Banbury & Ashleigh Fox – CATALYST CARE: Jake’s Journey

We’ve been doing workplace accomodations / adjustments all wrong

Autistic Minds: Hear Our Stories

Llinos Hunter – TASS: Closing the employment gap for autistic adults

Selena Cawnmore: From Sofasurfing to Success – The Aubergine Origin Story

Hannah Ensor: Creating understanding of hidden disabilities and symptoms

Rhys Palmer: Autism and Education Legal Advice

Nicola Reekie: Why connection and collaboration are crucial for our autistic, PDA children

Sue from Widget: How widgit symbols aid understaning and communication

Dawn Evans: How to spot poor mental health in yourself and others

Jenna Clifford: Adaptations and Creativity in Supporting Autistic Individuals

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