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Visitor Information / FAQs

Why are you now charging to listen to the Seminars?

Seminars: Due to the increasing costs of putting this event on for you, we have reluctantly decided that we need to make a small charge to access the Seminars. For just £5 you can purchase an All-Day Access Badge to give you access to all the seminars throughout the day. I hope you will understand and appreciate the need for us to do this. It wasn’t an easy decision but a needed one. Thank you.

Are there places to get away from the crowds for a while?

The Quiet Room: Whilst we do our best to have a quiet zone / room located in a quiet space, we cannot guarantee quiet. We have located them in the best places possible given the venue restrictions and regulations. The success of the Shows depends on people turning up so please expect there to be crowds.

Are there refreshments available at the Venue?

Refreshments: At all venues we have to use the in-house caterers. We have had feedback that there isn’t much choice and it can be expensive, so please be aware and make alternative arrangements and /or bring your own refreshments for the day

Why isn’t the Show on a weekend?

Weekdays: We often get asked why aren’t the shows on a weekend. All the shows are on a Friday and while we did aim to plan the Shows over a Friday and Saturday, after an extensive survey of those that exhibit and attend the shows plus our online surveys, it was evident that while there is some need for this, the over whelming response was that it should be just on a Friday. We would have loved to extend the shows to a Saturday too, but that would have meant so much more cost and expense for the exhibitors.Without the stall holders we don’t have an exhibition. We will continue to keep reviewing this after each show to see what is wanted.

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Media Disclaimer

How will the photographs and videos taken at the event be used?

Media Disclaimer: By attending this event, whether as an exhibitor, visitor or otherwise (e.g. as a carer or support worker), you acknowledge that images may be captured during the event using film photography, digital photography, video or other medium and may be used by Autistic Minds to promote the Shows or other future events within the UK, on this website, social media websites, promotional leaflets and brochures and other publicity material (such as internal and external newsletters). The images may also be provided to the media for publication in local or national newspapers or magazines.

Autistic Minds acknowledges its responsibilities in capturing images by photography or other means in particular with reference to:

The Protection of Children Act 1978; An individual’s right to privacy under The Human Rights Act 1998; and The Data Protection Act 1998.
Where possible and practical to do so, Autistic Minds shall seek written consent in respect of image capture. Where this is not possible for practical reasons, unless express objections are received, individuals attending this event are deemed to have given their consent by attending or remaining at the event. No image shall be used by Autistic Minds for commercial purposes without the express consent of the individual(s) captured in that image.

Autistic Minds shall take no responsibility for the capture and use of any images taken at the event by any third party not directly engaged by The Autistic Minds to do so on its behalf and accepts no liability for the actions of such third parties.

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